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Rent instead of buy. We offer a wide range of motor vehicles.

From the standard tractor unit to the skip loader - our fleet of heavy trucks comprises around 200 different specifications.

With our re-entry into the area of motorised vehicles, we are expanding our rental portfolio and adapting to the needs of our customers. Through the acquisition of PEMA and the associated decades of know-how in this area, we can now offer you various vehicle models for short- and long-term rental. As in the trailer segment, we are also manufacturer-independent in this segment to provide you with the right equipment and rental solution for your requirements.


Simply rent your next truck - take advantage of this form of procurement in the motor vehicle sector as well. The right truck is of enormous importance for every transport company and significantly determines efficiency and economic success. Having your own fleet ties up capital and restricts your freedom of action. The rental rate is a reliable constant - especially in challenging times. Individual contract solutions increase your planning security and flexibility.   

Select the right rental vehicle for you from our extensive fleet or tell us your requirements, we will be happy to advise you and find the right solution - even for special projects.

Introduceti o valoare
Introduceti o valoare
Introduceti o valoare
Introduceti o valoare
Introduceti o valoare
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Introduceti o valoare
  • Flexible contract periods
  • Customized Solutions
  • Independent from manufacturers

Prelate culisante

Prelata culisanta este cel mai utilizat tip de semiremorca. Are prelata laterala flexibila culisanta si este folosita pentru aproape toate tipurile de transport.

Duba inchisa

O duba inchisa este una dintre cele mai uzuale semiremorci de transport. Este o solutie sigura pentru transportul bunurilor de valori mari sau a celor casabile.

Dube frigorifice

O duba frigorifica reprezinta o duba inchisa echipata cu un agregat frigorific ce permite controlul temperaturii interioare.


O cisterna reprezinta un echipament care poate transporta lichide sau produse pulverulente.


Un sasiu este un cardu de remorca ce poate transporta containere.

Cutie mobila inchisa din otel

O cutie mobila fixa inchisa din otel este un echipament intermodal similar unui container maritim, care poate fi folosita separat de capul tractor.

Cutie mobila cu prelata tip perdea

O cutie mobila cu prelata culisanta este un echipament intermodal flexibil, cu prelata laterala culisanta, care poate fi usor permutata si separata de capul tractor.

Cutie mobila frigorifica

O cutie mobila frigorifica este un echipament intermodal similar unui container maritim, utilat cu un agregat frigorific pentru controlul temperaturii, care poate fi folosita separat de capul tractor.